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Help Preserve Our Beautiful Campus

As West Virginia’s first-ever Tree Campus USA, designated by the National Arbor Day Foundation, we at West Virginia State University take great pride in the care and maintenance of our trees. To maintain this distinction, State needs a dedicated budget to maintain campus trees and realize our campus tree care goals. This is where our donors can help!

Many of our campus trees are aging out or need to be removed due to safety reasons. We have a campus tree care plan but need help with tree care costs.  Please help by donating so that we may plant and maintain new trees that help augment and diversify our canopy, making it more resilient and reflective of the surrounding Appalachian ecosystem. Your donation will also help to maintain existing trees with proper pruning and other care that helps keep them healthy and safe. 

Our campus trees are not only beautiful and calming. They contribute quantifiable ecosystem services like reducing air pollution, helping to remediate our soils of contaminants, and controlling storm water runoff into our waterways. Our campus arboretum also provides an outside learning space to engage students, staff, and the community. Soon we hope to establish an adopt-a-tree program that permits the planting of memorial trees on campus.

Any donation is appreciated, and you are welcome to visit our arboretum and witness your help in action- contact Extension Agent Liz Moss for a personal tree tour for yourself or your organization!

Please view our campus tree care plan and Tree Campus Higher Education committee members here:

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